Judge Enters SECOND Order – ORDERS In Camera Review of Rojas v. FAA 3 Withholdings, INCLUDING BQ SCORE, THRESHOLDS, Snow Emails, and his “Non-agency records”

Judge Stephen McNamee has entered the second order in two days for Rojas v. FAA 3. Yesterday, the Judge ordered Mr. Snow file a declaration regarding his search for chats. Today, he has ordered to see for himself the records that have been withheld.

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Judge ORDERS Shelton Snow Search Computer for FOIA Records and SWEAR Under Oath – Rojas v. FAA 3

A ruling has come down for part of Rojas v. FAA 3. This is the one where emails for Shelton Snow suddenly disappeared and then magically reappeared.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona has ORDERED Shelton Snow search his computer for chats and provide a sworn declaration stating whether or not the search revealed any records.

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NBCFAE “feel[s] more secure communicating with each of you through this email account”


I am taking the time to get the non-FAA emails from our members here in Western Pacific and move away from using my gmail account to communicate and use this NBCFAE.org account. I feel more secure communicating with each of you through this email account.

With that being said, please use this e-mail account to communicate with me on any and all issues or concerns relative our employee association – NBCFAE Western Pacific.

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