4 Weeks Remain for FAA to Comply with Disclosure Court Order – Rojas v. FAA 5!

27 days remain for the FAA’s February 16th deadline to provide documents that were found to be improperly withheld in Rojas v. FAA #5.

Despite the government having shut down, the deadline currently still stands.

MINUTE ENTRY for proceedings held before Judge G Murray Snow: Status Conference held on 1/5/2018. The FAA shall provide all documents by 2/16/2018. If the FAA has the agreement of plaintiff, they may redact documents that do not pertain to the information in which plaintiff is interested, but those documents must be provided by 2/16/2018. Plaintiff has until 2/23/2018 to inform the Court whether or not this action can be dismissed, whether or not enforcement action needs to be taken against the FAA, or other relief.