FAA ORDERED to Release Shelton Snow Investigation Records, Rojas v. FAA #5 Documents, or risks “enforcement action”

Despite the Judge’s order denying in part the FAA’s Motion for Summary Judgment, the FAA decided to take a new approach and say that the order was only with respect to the “blanket” exemption claims and that it is awaiting approval internally to release documents, or claim new exemptions. At a status hearing today, Judge G. Murray Snow said no to that argument and cautioned FAA that it must comply with the order.

These documents pertain to the Shelton Snow investigation and the inquiry into the alleged cheating, along with the missing emails, and other things.

The Judge ordered FAA to provide the documents by 2/16/2018. We then have until 2/23/2018 to review, and inform the court of any remaining issues. The Judge also left the door open for enforcement action and sanctions against FAA for any failure to comply.

We look forward to receiving all the documents listed in the Vaughn Index of Records from FAA for the various requests.

MINUTE ENTRY for proceedings held before Judge G Murray Snow: Status Conference held on 1/5/2018. The FAA shall provide all documents by 2/16/2018. If the FAA has the agreement of plaintiff, they may redact documents that do not pertain to the information in which plaintiff is interested, but those documents must be provided by 2/16/2018. Plaintiff has until 2/23/2018 to inform the Court whether or not this action can be dismissed, whether or not enforcement action needs to be taken against the FAA, or other relief.

APPEARANCES: Michael Pearson for Plaintiff, who is also present. Paul Bullis for Defendants. (Court Reporter Charlotte Powers.) Hearing held 9:37 AM to 9:53 AM. This is a TEXT ENTRY ONLY. There is no PDF document associated with this entry. (KFZ) (Entered: 01/05/2018)

The parties agree that there are other issues (in addition to the release of records) that still need to be resolved, and will attempt to work on those over the next few weeks.